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HANOI, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam has made progress in human development due to economic growth, said the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Vietnam when releasing a report here on Wednesday.
According to Vietnam News Agency, the 2011 Report on Vietnam's Human Development, themed "Social services for human development," was compiled in the framework of a project between the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and UNDP during 2008-2011.
The report said the index of human development in Vietnam increased 11.8 percent during 1999-2008, with increase in income accounting for 55.7 percent, while in health care and education with 31.8 percent and 12.6 percent, respectively.
According to UNDP Country Director to Vietnam Setsuko Yamazaki, the global development report 2011 revealed the value of Vietnam's human development index in 2011 is similar with last year. With a medium human development, Vietnam ranked 128th out of 187 surveyed countries and territories in 2011.
The economic conditions and origin of the residents, plus differences in geography and region, are prime factors that lead to inequality in Vietnam and prevent the country from developing to a higher level, said Yamazaki.
The report compiled for the first time the index on multi- dimension poverty in Vietnam, upon which the poverty rate in terms of income was 14.5 percent, while the multi-dimension poverty rate reached 23.3 percent, in 2008.
Spending to medical and educational services was much higher than 30 percent of the family income, which greatly impacted the poor and vulnerable families. In 2008, 8.1 percent of families spent more than 20 percent of their income to medical services, while 3.7 percent of families returned to poverty rating due to their over-spending to health care services, said the report.
The report provides data for policy-makers to set forth better social investment, both at central and local levels, and bring into full play the potential for development of the Vietnamese people, Yamazaki added.
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